Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting We put in strenuous efforts to make your experience hassle-free. Here, at eDookan, we respect our customers’ privacy and never hesitate to go the extra mile to store and protect their personal and sensitive information. Please read out our privacy policy to know about our operations completely. We have tried to discuss your concerns in detail about collecting your data, how we use it (under certain circumstances), and disclosing your information to a third party when needed. No matter if you are accessing our website directly or through any third-party, we automatically assume that you have read and accepted the practices described herein.

What Type of Information Do We Collect?

eDookan collects information relevant to carrying out the business operations smoothly. The information that we may ask for includes your contact information like name, e-mail address, etc. Besides, we also ask for shipping or billing information like credit card number, shipping address, visa card number, etc. We take complete responsibility that all of your data that you share with us will while placing the order, subscribing to the newsletter, or creating a personal account will be secured.


How Do We Use the Collected Data?

We only use the collected information to fulfill our commitments to provide the services you expect. These services consider the information we sent and offer for marketing and sales purposes. To provide our customers with the relevant offers and updated information, we may analyze the data you have provided. We will not store our customers’ data if we don’t need it to properly carry out the operations. Additionally, if we have to collect and store the data by law, we must comply with the rules and regulations. After this, we will discard the personal data by physical or electronic deletion.

How Can We Share The Collected Information With a Third Party? may share the collected information with our affiliates or third party. Our team in other cities process the authorized transactions and perform our services on our behalf. The raw or processed data that we may share with the third parties to act on our behalf is also protected with contractual information.

How Do We Protect Your Account?

While you attempt to create an account or profile on our website, we will ask you to provide a personal password to access the account in the future with the same chosen password. You will be responsible for maintaining the account’s confidentiality along with the selected password. reserves the right to refuse service, remove or edit content, terminate accounts, or cancel orders at its sole discretion.

What Are the Customers’ Rights?

eDookan enables the users to request access to the data that we have collected from them. You can ask for any changes and have the right to correct any irrelevant, incorrect, and fragmented information under your name. Our customers can request to stop using their information at any time for direct marketing or any other purposes.

What is Our Exchange And Return Policy? doesn’t entertain any return requests for the items that the customers have already received. Once we have dispatched an order, you cannot ask us to cancel it. We are using real images of the items that we are selling. Thus, we will not be liable to entertain any returns or order cancellation requests. We have a no-return policy against all our items. You cannot hold us accountable for any incorrect items you have received if you haven’t informed us about the issue within 2 working days of receiving your order.

What if There are Literal or Typing Errors?

At eDookan, our dedicated staff ensures that customers get up-to-date and accurate information on the website. However, in case of any typographical errors, the products can sometimes be listed at a discounted or older price, we will not be bound to process the orders. The data entry staff or any other authorized person might have forgotten to update the information or misread the information about a particular product while entering it on the website. Thus, eDookan will have the sole discretion not to process any orders received on the items with incorrect information. Besides, we also have the discretion to change the information related to a product at any time without prior notice. You might have purchased an item before at a lower price, but you have to pay updated prices for the new order.

Changes and Updation

As we are operating in a volatile business market, our business changes constantly. Thus, we will continue to implement new technologies to ensure that our customers get the best services with improved features. Consequently, eDookan will update the privacy policy (if and when needed) with or without any notice.